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Pisces month star sign - the fishJanuary – My Pisces monthly horoscope 2017 indicates you are very likely to have some disagreements with your partner in this period. There may have been some niggles on both sides which really need to be talked about and discussed openly. If you are honest with each other, then things should calm down. Try not to be stubborn or unyielding. Don’t storm off even if your partner says some things you don’t like hearing. If you are single, stay single this month.

February – You will be very self-sufficient and very independent this month. You will have a very strong intuition about what to do next in a work situation. Take time out to meditate or think about how you can best manage your time. It is precious and you really don’t want to waste any of it by procrastinating.be ready to act, once you have taken the time out.

March – You will earn well this month, which will please you, though you may be tempted to spend money on frivolities that you don’t really need. Stay away from jewellery shops. Your health will be at its best and you will feel the on-top-of-the-world. Your vitality will be strong and your energy levels at a premium. Your skin will glow and others may comment on the healthy shine of your hair.

April -This could be a tricky month where you have many work issues that come all at once. You could feel a bit up and down in your moods. In the female Fish sign, this could be connected with your monthly cycle. In the male Fish sign, it is more likely to be related to drinking too much with friends. Look after yourself and do not neglect to eat properly or get enough sleep. Take regular exercise. Walking in fresh air will be very beneficial for you.

May – There could be big changes in your family circle according to my Pisces monthly horoscope 2017. I foresee movement in accommodation, in jobs/career and in general well-being. Watch your emotional health. Take care of the people that matter first, and then worry about other things. Your partner or a close friend will be very supportive of you through this difficult month. Be sure to show them how grateful you are for their care and giving. A few carefully chosen words can go a long way.

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June -You will be glad to spend time with your family this month. You may have neglected some of the elderly members and they will be really pleased to have a catch-up with you. There could be a family get-together or celebration of some sort which you may be asked to help organise. It will be a joyful and happy occasion and you will feel blessed. The younger members of your family will entertain you and make you laugh.

July – Pisces monthly horoscope 2017 charts say you will want to discover more about your personal life-path and may read spiritual books or have your fortune told with cards. Palmistry may interest you also as well as Reiki healing. By the end of the month, you will feel more clear-headed and your thoughts and emotions will be less jumbled. You will have more strength to carry on and face the rest of the world.

August – You may have some money worries this month. You could have lapsed in your budgeting and spent money you really should have saved. A friend may offer you some good advice. Talk to your bank about a personal loan, but avoid using any more credit cards, even those with attractive promotional rates. You really do need to get a handle on your finances, but deep down you know this already.

September – You could face some unexpected changes in your career path. You might be offered a new position, out of the blue. It is not one you have applied for so it might come as a bit of a shock. The money is good. So go for it. If your love-life has been lacking lustre then this is the month when there will be fireworks again and you will feel great.

October – There could be some fretful times in work though there’s nothing you won’t take in your stride. You will have a bit more money to play around with. Stay away from buying things you don’t really need or want. Try to learn from past mistakes and save more than you spend. It will be a lesson well learnt if you can.

November -This will be a quiet month, my astrological forecast suggests when you can sit and stare and contemplate the meaning of life. You will not crave much company, but will be happy spending a bit of time on your own and making plans for the future. It’s a window when you can look inwards and work out what it is that you really want in life. This soul-searching will provide you with deeper insight into your own needs and desires.

December – Be sure to take sufficient calcium to maintain the strength of your bones. Your professional life will be amazing and you will feel happy in your work. All in all, this has been a good year for Pisces despite a few money worries. Pisces monthly horoscope 2017 study suggests your romantic life will have stabilised itself by now and you will feel happy in your own skin, with or without a partner.

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