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Libra month horoscope sign - the scalesJanuary – A time for planning how to keep a sensible work-life balance my Libra monthly horoscope 2017 tells me. You can expect to be more than psychologically aware of your levels of energy as well as of the strength of your mind. As determined as you are, you know your limitations, yet your energy levels are high and you are raring to go. Take time out to make plans that you can stick to and don’t forget to include the people who matter most to you.

February – You should be encouraged by the growth in your finances and you will want to spend some of your spare cash. Your lover/partner may disapprove of this. Try to be diplomatic and don’t encourage disagreements. It is usually the Libra star sign man or woman who will balance out any discussion with reasoned arguments in an effort to restore peace, harmony and tranquillity all around them.

March -This may prove a challenging month for your health. You will be so busy and engaged in work that you may neglect to eat properly and/or regularly. Your sleep patterns may be interrupted and you may feel generally out of sorts. Try to improve your immunity to germs and bugs by taking a vitamin supplement and/or by ensuring you have sufficient relaxation and chill time away from the madness. Do listen to your body and watch out for skin eruptions caused by stress and anxiety.

April -This is certainly not the best period for Libra people. Despite high levels of intelligence, your charisma and your careful planning, things will not go your way. You may even feel that the forces of nature are against you. If you could sleep this month through and wake up in May, this would be the best solution. However, try to be philosophical and your stoicism will get you through. Your personal experiences are all part of life’s rich tapestry and you will learn much from being able to accept outcomes rather than being determined to change them in the face of all adversity.

May -This appears to be a top month to expand your vision of the future and work out exactly what is possible and what is achievable. In partnerships you will feel alive and that you are appreciated. It’s a happy month on the home front and you will be in tune with loved ones. There will be fair play in family life and this will please you enormously. Give your kids the freedom they need to work things out for themselves and learn from their own mistakes.

June -This is an excellent month for getting married and/or planning a new baby according to a study of Libra monthly horoscope 2017 indicators. You will be buzzing with happiness and know that life is good. You may look at finding new ways to budget which will allow you more spending power. You can be extremely creative when you want to be and this month will allow your many talents to emerge and flourish.

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July – You may find youngsters rather troublesome this month. No matter what advice you give, there does not seem to be a solution to one particular problem. You will need a load of patience to sort this one out and you may feel exasperated. Your partner will not fully support you and there could be arguments and disagreements resulting from this. It’s a pity because there is a solution, though not an obvious one, that could be easier than you imagine.

August -There will be harmony all around you this month. Family life will have settled and your working life will be trouble-free. You will not be faced with other people’s problems. Enjoy the peace and make the most of the time to relax and enjoy a break away in a mountainous region. The clean air will refresh you and re-invigorate you.

September – Sidereal analysis of Libra monthly horoscope 2017 indicators reveals that you will be mentally alert and switched on to life in general over this period. You will find life invigorating and challenges in work will excite you and make you want to stand out from the crowd. Your voice will be heard by senior people and your talents and creativity will be noted. Others around you may get jealous and sarcastic.

October – Watch your finances this month and take note of my Libra monthly horoscope 2017 reflections – you could well have to tighten your belt. There could be an unexpected bill that needs immediate payment. This will make you shudder because you will feel as if you have been ripped off. You may feel wary of spending money and you will be very careful, checking and double-checking invoices. One of your direct debit agreements may have gone up without your knowledge, or your may have overlooked the notification that told you it would.

November – Libra folk will seek out alternative therapies to pamper themselves and restore much needed mental and physical balance. There’s no harm in treating yourself to a full makeover where you sit back and allow the rest of the world to pass you by. You could benefit from hot stones resting on your spinal area, and/or a back massage. You have a lot of tension on your shoulders. Let an experienced masseur treat your muscles and you will feel a great benefit.

December – What a great horoscope month for partying, using up your excess energy and enjoying life. It will be better to chill out and leave the important decision-making to another time. My 2017 horoscope for Libra people suggests that a much-needed rest and time for relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. It’s been a tricky year, in some ways, yet there have been great benefits and you will have learned a lot about yourself Libra.

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