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January – This is a horoscope period where you could feel the need to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life and do things at your own pace. Your family and friends will be extremely supportive and you may get the opportunity to spend quality sessions with youngsters, whether active in sports activities or engaged in theatre, amateur dramatics, arts and crafts, jewellery making, decorating, and/or composing. This Leo monthly horoscope 2017 study indicates you will enjoy the recreational feel that this will bring to you.

February -This is a fantastic opportunity to get fitter and eat the right things. You will be extremely motivated and have the right kind of energy levels to achieve much. You may feel the urge to detox yourself and also to spring clean your house and empty out your cupboards. It is the perfect month to get rid of some of your junk and throw away the clothes you haven’t worn in years.

March -This is a very favourable horoscope time-frame for career and jobs as well as partnerships and relationships. You will feel very close to your partner and may even start talking about adding to your family, or starting one. If you are single, there will be some lovely opportunities to begin new friendships, to meet new people who are extremely compatible with your sign and engage in a round of social events where you will be the centre of attention. This will fuel your ego and make you feel very upbeat and positive.

April – Be very careful with money this month. Try not to make any financial decisions before you have fully explored every aspect of what is being proposed. Don’t do anything without taking advice. You may be unaware of hidden risks. It is not a good time to speculate. Much better to take your time than allow your emotions get the better of you.

May – You may find the behaviour of some of your work colleagues quite challenging. Certainly, there appear to be stresses and strains in the workplace. Senior people will show you how much your contributions are valued, so it’s time to stop worrying, also it’s time to stop trying to please everyone. Don’t be afraid to speak out and challenge someone in authority. You will earn their respect, not their disdain, despite what you might think.

June – This is the perfect month to indulge, my Leo monthly horoscope 2017 analysis shows, to improve your knowledge and to become more adventurous in your outlook. This is most definitely not a sit-at-home period and you will have opportunities to break free of everyday routines and really enjoy yourself. There could be young people involved in what you do. If you are a parent, you will find this emotionally rewarding and enlightening.

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July – For those delivered with the sign of Leo, this horoscope month is all about money. There is likely to be a steady flow of cash and you will have some left over to spend as you wish. For once Leo folk will be spiritually at peace and will not need flashy new purchases to make them feel happy or fulfilled. There will be many opportunities to invest for the future and many Leo people may take financial advice.

August – You should beware of making any lifestyle changes or taking major decisions. Better to go with the flow and see what comes. This is not the best month for trying to plan ahead. There will be too much opposition around you and all your plans will be thwarted. This is an ideal spell for quiet reflection and spending time with your friends and family.

September – Wow! What a lucky 30-day period for Leo! It’s time to preen and take centre stage. Get your hair done, buy some new clothes and dedicate this month to making yourself look fabulous. Time will fly by like a whirlwind and you may feel you don’t know what’s hit you. It’s a time for success and positive outcomes. Don’t be afraid to splash out. You can easily afford it. Enjoy!

October – You may need to use your skills of diplomacy in family matters, I can tell you, my Leo monthly horoscope 2017 indicators tell me. There could be some issues which can only be sorted through opening up the channels of communication. You may not like what you hear. However, it’s not a month for tantrums or even for arguing a point; rather, take time out to really listen to others and act upon what is said.

November – There could be stressful run at work here and you may feel you and your partner are distant with each other. If you’re feeling over-tired, take a break from your exercise routines and healthy eating diets. The breakaway will re-energise you. If work is problematic, try not to over-react when one of your projects fails. You are one of the signs of the zodiac lucky enough to be born with mental clarity. Others will see the folly of their ways and eventually come to you to solve their problems.

December – I see from my horoscope forecasting that there is a good possibility you will be successful in love and you will feel highly optimistic about life and thankful for your good fortune. While 2017 may have seemed to move along slowly, just look what you have accomplished! For one thing, your career will have advanced in some way and the new relationships in your life will have cemented. There’s so much still to look forward to Leo. Life is sweet.

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