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zodiac symbol for gemini star signJanuary -This looks to be a good period for Gemini star sign people. You will feel positive and upbeat about facing the future. Your good humour will be infectious and those around you and closest to you will co-operate with you and follow your thinking. According to my Gemini monthly horoscope 2017 study, you could feel like doing a complete spring clean in your house. This would be extremely beneficial for your own well-being and indicative of the fact that this is a new horoscope year and a completely fresh start.

February – Gemini folk will find they are extremely busy at work and at home. You may find that friends and family will need your counsel and that there will be extra demands made on your time at work. You may be expected to stay late without any notice. This could cause fatigue and make you over-tired. Watch out for unwelcome skin eruptions. If you do seek medical advice the doctor might suggest a blood test. Try not to exhaust yourself.

March – Gemini monthly horoscope 2017 charts show this is likely to be a time of misunderstandings and miscommunication within the family circle. Taking time-out is what will be needed to restore harmonious relationships. A last minute weekend away would be the ideal. For those who are married, there could be some precious romantic moments which will make you feel more upbeat, more positive and more optimistic about your future together.

April – This is a good time for romance. For those who are single, you may find a new and exciting friend through online dating. For those who are already in partnerships, your feelings for one another will deepen and I foresee some lovely times spent as a twosome. It’s also a good month for getting away from it all and re-charging your batteries. As a couple you will express your innermost thoughts and desires to one another and life will be sweet.

May – This could be the monthly period when you try out some new things. You may feel like having a complete makeover or changing your hair colour. You will make changes to your wardrobe. I foresee some experimentation with a new hairstyle, a new personal style, choosing different styles of reading material, embarking on a new course which will result in the acquisition of new professional skills. You will be uplifted by the changes you make and your confidence levels will be high.

June – This is not likely to be a very restful or peaceful Gemini horoscope spell. There could be arguments with family and friends. You might hear news of a pregnancy which will be good, although it may cause some worry and apprehension to one member of your family. Work is likely to cause strain and I foresee a situation where you will be under pressure. This could make you more tetchy than usual. Try not to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, instead use your excellent reasoning, persuasive and diplomacy skills to deal with problems.

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July – This month will flow easily for those of the twins sign. Your position at work will be enhanced in some way and you will receive the recognition you deserve. You are more than likely to look at new options for staying healthy and keeping fit since your attention will be focused on your fitness of mind and body as well as your stamina. Don’t drive yourself too hard with unrealistic expectations.

August – You would be advised to lie low this horoscope month and keep your own counsel. There could be provocation at work and in the family circle. Your partner may not see things from your point of view and the potential for silly arguments is high where you both behave like children. You won’t feel inclined to back down but, on this occasion, it might be the best move to help restore the equilibrium.

September – You will seem more energetic this month and ready to explore new horizons. Travel is forecast, both on the work front as well as the home front. You might become interested in a job relocation opportunity which suddenly arises. It is an excellent month to look at your diet and cut down on the junk food and fizzy drinks. Watch out that your sugar levels don’t rise too much.

October – This is an extremely happy horoscope time for Gemini people and you will enjoy being with your loved ones, family and friends. You will have a very busy social life with lots of engagements. For those in established partnerships, there will be intense sexual intimacy and special shared moments where you will both feel like stepping away from the whirl of social events and letting the rest of the world go by.

November – You will wish this month to pass quickly on, my Gemini monthly horoscope 2017 study shows. Nothing will seem to work in your favour and you may be disillusioned and faintly depressed. You could have to face up to some tasks you would rather avoid. You can’t procrastinate any longer. Although you might possibly feel hard done by, this month will make you mentally stronger and more able to cope with hard decisions
December – You will get exactly what you want from your job during this spell. You will feel completely relaxed and also a bit smug as a tricky situation in work melts away. If you have an adversary, they will back down and you will have your say. On the Gemini home front, this is a lovely month for family get-togethers and spending quality time with the younger members of your family.

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