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Capricorn astrology signJanuary – This stands to be an extremely profitable month which will see you banking lots of money and managing to save some too. Your career will be progressing well and you could certainly feel that you are making a valuable contribution to the workplace. Bosses will show their pleasure in your efforts and you will be verbally commended. You will make your family and friends very proud of you.

February -This is a perfect Capricorn month to detox and sort out any unhealthy eating habits. If you skin has experienced unwanted eruptions of white spots, now is the time sort out your diet. You family and friends will offer useful advice which you would be wise to follow. An older member of your family or circle of friends may offer to help you follow a new eating plan and/or do it with you for moral support.

March – You may feel your health has suffered this horoscope month due to the amount of work you have taken on. Your in-tray never seems to empty and the pace of work has been phenomenal. You have kept to your deadlines and met all your targets so you have nothing to worry about professionally. However, you may have suffered broken nights, weakened in your resolve to eat a healthy diet and succumbed to cravings for products with refined sugars in them. Try to ensure that you regularise your sleep by going to bed at the same time each night. A relaxing walk before bedtime should also help you establish a more beneficial routine.

April -You may be feeling a bit down about your love life or lack or one. Try not to dwell on what is negative in your life, rather think positively. You might be surprised what a bit of positive energy can do in turning around a negative situation. Make an attempt to mix with others either in your close family or friendship circle. If you and your partner have had a few disagreements, this might be a good opportunity to spend some quality time together.

May – Your attention may be drawn to another job opportunity. It could be a chance for promotion and would carry with it a considerable pay rise. It may be very tempting, but I would advise talking to your family first before doing anything definite about it. If you are all in agreement that is viable, then put in an application. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

June -This month could result in some testing times for Capricorn personal relationships. Providing the channels of communication remain open, all will be well. However, if you find difficulty in talking to one another, there could be deeper rooted problems and you made need to seek outside help to resolve issues. Experienced counsellors could help if necessary.

July – If you still feel your partner doesn’t understand your needs it might be appropriate to take a break from one another and to spend time apart. The danger is you will bury yourself in your work and pretend that everything is fine. This situation can be resolved. Try not to let you stubbornness get the better of you.

August – You will be making superhuman efforts to combine family life with working life. Don’t overdo things or the cracks will surely appear. If you try too hard to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one. Put yourself first and enjoy the relaxation. This will give you strength and leave you better able to deal with the demands and needs of others. There is nothing that can’t wait, so don’t succumb to emotional blackmail.

September -This is a good time to take stock of your finances. You may have overspent in the last couple of weeks which means you have little rainy day money. If you take the time to plan your spending more carefully, you could be surprised how much you can save simply by sticking to a plan. Never go shopping without a list and always stick to the list.

October – You may feel down in the mouth at the start of this month but by the end of it, you will be smiling again because there will be good news on the job front. It could be a promotion or a raise in salary. Whatever it is, there will be cause to celebrate and enjoy the moment. You have worked really hard this year and how you are reaping the rewards.

November – This is the month when Capricorn people should take the initiative. Others will be looking to you for a lead and they will want to believe what you say. There will be little or no opposition and you will be the role-model.

December – This will probably the happiest month fo2107 for men and women who are Capricorn-born.There will be a huge sense of achievement as well as a lot of personal satisfaction in seeing a job well done. You will have made advancements in your career and you will feel that all the pain of the last few months has actually been worth it. Now you have more money in your pocket than before and you are one step nearer to fulfilling all your hopes and dreams.

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