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Cancer month horoscope symbolJanuary – You will need to be very open to the fast pace of change during this period, my Cancer monthly horoscope 2017 shows. Everywhere you look there will be something new happening around you. In work, there could be new contracts and/ or new opportunities to build something substantial for the future. There will be new people to meet and possibly a new structure developing, which you will be asked to give input to. In your personal life, you could meet new people through going to social events and make new friends. It is a positive time for those born under the sign of the crab.

February – This 2017 monthly horoscope spell will be very prosperous for Cancer star sign folk. You will be given many opportunities to earn bigger wages, either through your regular work or through other business deals. You may consult a financial advisor to confirm your own thinking and put something in place which will bring big bonuses in the future.

March – Your work will consume you this month. There will be many big jobs to tackle and you will be given extra responsibilities. Your considerable contribution will be noted by seniors and you could be rewarded in some way. You may feel under pressure, despite the positive accolades. Watch your mental health and take time out to relax by doing something physical.

April – The Cancer monthly horoscope 2017 portents indicate this period could be a good time to take a break from the hectic pace of work around you. Your stress levels may be too high so I recommend taking long walks and time out to meditate which you would find very beneficial. Your partner and friends will be extremely supportive e to you and you could find solace in the company of one special friend.

May – Others will find you extremely attractive this horoscope month. They may come to you with their problems, worries and/or concerns. You could find yourself giving advice to others which might be beneficial to you as well. If you have made any mistakes in the past, this is an excellent time to put things right and apologise or make good your past misdemeanours.

June – Changes will be evident all around you and you will feel like going with the flow, altering your hairstyle, your make-up, your clothes, changing your life-style, your priorities and your persona. It will be a good time for self-reflection as well as looking critically at others and their behaviour. You may feel some disappointment with one of your friends and there may be some gossip flying around which is has no truth and is total prefabrication. Don’t be taken in by someone who is overly persuasive.

Completing Cancer Month Horoscope 2017

July – As a Cancerian may need to think very carefully this month before you make a long-term commitment or sign a new business contract. There could be a lot at stake, a lot to lose as well as a lot to gain. You may also be thinking in terms of a long-term commitment in your personal life, possibly marriage or engagement. All in all, July is a horoscope month for making important life-changing decisions.

August – There will be lots of opportunities to make money and spend considerable amounts of it, which is not something people born under the sign of the Crab do very readily. This is an excellent monthly period for love and for finding new love. You will feel very happy with life in general and a feeling of general well-being as well as positive emotions will run high.

September – This is another very positive month for the crab star sign and you will find encouragement all around. People will want you to start a new business to show off your expertise. There will be many persuasive people who feel they can gain from following your lead. You have built quite a reputation around you and others will seek you out for advice. There could be news of a pregnancy in your family circle or you may even fall pregnant yourself, if female, or father a child if you are male.

October – Watch out for health issues, my Cancer monthly horoscope 2017 interpretation suggests. Don’t ignore any pain related to your shoulder, to your kidneys/ liver or to your intestines. If you suffer bouts of flatulence don’t suffer in silence or be afraid to consult a doctor. It may be nothing serious, though a change in dietary habits is probably all that’s needed to correct things. You may need to think more seriously about getting more exercise to maintain your levels of fitness as well as a healthy weight.

November – For a Cancer star sign person, this is a good chance to take time out away from the rat race and indulge in a bit of meditation and/or yoga. You may need to re-charge your batteries as well since you have been working flat out for a long time. The rest and relaxation will do you the power of good. You could reach a new level of understanding about yourself and about your mood swings.

December – This is a horoscope month filled will happiness and closeness in all personal relationships, whether with your partner or with your friends and family. You will feel the love around you and will feel very blessed and content as you reflect back over 2017. For those born under Cancer, the sign the Crab, 2017 has brought with it much joy and happiness is all areas of life.

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