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Aquarius month star sign - the water carrierJanuary – My Aquarius monthly horoscope 2017 indicates that your love life and your relationships with family and friends will be very harmonious and pleasurable. There will be a lot of quality time spent together which you will enjoy. The Aquarian sense of humour will shine and people will fall about laughing at your jokes, no matter how silly and banal the content is. Part of the entertainment will be the way you express yourself.

February – You may be tempted towards quick money-making schemes which are full of risk and uncertainty. Try to resist and adopt a more conservative approach since this will pay dividends in future years. Do not be persuaded by a friend to speculate in order to accumulate. There is no quick means of making money other than by working hard for it and saving it.

March – Your will feel charged up with energy and you will feel that your levels of vitality are also very good. On the well-being front, you will be in tip top condition. There may be some ego issues at work which you would be best not to get involved with. Try not to get enter into disputes with fellow workers. This path will only lead to ruin. Bosses are keenly aware of how people feel and they do not need a spokesperson to explain things to them. Your best course of action will be to keep quiet and go about your business in the normal way.

April – This is a horoscope month for you to think very carefully and deeply about how you want your future to shape up, Aquarius. This may involve laying foundations by setting up financial provision for your children and/or dependants. If you haven’t yet made a will, this would be a good time to see about it. Getting a legal stamp of approval will give you the peace of mind you need.

May – You may feel antagonistic toward your closest companions. Try not to engage in silly arguments with your spouse or closest friends. There is no reason to be so grumpy. Taking regular walks will improve your mood and your mind set as well as lifting your spirits. Try to keep taking small amounts of regular exercise even though you may not feel like it. Your body will need to be kept in shape otherwise you could put on unwanted pounds very quickly.

June – Enjoy this Aquarius horoscope month by spending time socialising with friends and family, my Aquarius monthly horoscope 2017 tells me. You have such a wide social circle that you could almost spend the whole of this month partying. Younger members of the family may seek you out for some counselling. There is no one better equipped to see the whole picture clearly and offer workable and realistic solutions to problems.

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July – You will be focusing on a minor legal matter which might cause you to be irritable. Others will not want to experience the sharp end of your tongue. Just be careful that you don’t spread your irritability around too many people. Not all of them will continue to be polite towards you.

August – This is a lovely month for those born under the sign of Aquarius. You will be sorting through stuff and giving the house a really good and thorough spring clean. You will feel energetic and lively. You may look at your wardrobe and decide to start again completely. Don’t be too radical or you will have nothing left to wear.

September – You will be very busy with stuff, sorting through your own things as well as that of other people, this horoscope month. You might have dealings with humanitarian causes where your past efforts will be recognised and rewarded. You could be offered a leadership role, an award, a promotion or a raise. Certainly you will gain public recognition for past achievements.

October – You will be engaged in some form of charity work that allows you to help others through a hobby, the arts, or a group situation where you provide a good role model. People will rally to the cause and you will do a lot of useful work which will receive public recognition.

November – Your career will have reached its zenith but your health may be poor and you may feel too weak to enjoy the full glare of publicity that is surrounding your achievements. You need to take a break, away from the lime-light and allow your health to revive and recover. This could be a good time to slip away with your spouse for a few days to an anonymous destination where no one will recognise you for anything you have done recently.

December – After much reflection and soul-searching you will finally make the changes you have been thinking about. My Aquarius monthly horoscope 2017 foresees a change in your job, and possibly in your relationships. There will be much fun connected to the festive season and life will be good. Friends and family will love having you back in their lives on a full-time basis.

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